Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Google Sites - Hiding Site Activity Links

Whenever anyone asks me how they can easily create a web site - guess what I say...
"Get lost freak!" (no, not really, but give me an excuse to use a quote from a kids movie, and I take it)... anyway, I say Google Sites! It really is an easy way to get content up on the web quickly - so while I may be biased, I think Sites is the most accessible tool with the right balance of features and simplicity for the average web user.

There's one thing still about our current version of Sites that I've encountered enough times that I felt I should just post about it and point people here the next 5 times I'm asked:

"How do I get rid of that Recent Site Activity link at the bottom of every page?!"

It's not the intention of most Site authors to give people a link to all the "recent activity" on a site - they just want viewers to see the current version in most cases.

Well, it's not the most obvious thing to find... Here's how to change that:
  1. Sign in to Google Sites and open your site
  2. Click the Gear/Flower ("More Actions") button on the upper right corner and select "Manage Site" option in the menu.
  3. On the left side under Site Settings, click the "General" Option.
  4. The 8th option down (or so) is called "Access Settings" - which has 2 selectors, labelled:
    • Users who can access site activity:       and
    • Users who can access revision history: 
  5. Set BOTH of those options to "COLLABORATORS ONLY"
  6. Click SAVE CHANGES (at the top or bottom of the page)
Hope that's helpful... ping me here if not (and I promise not to use a silly line from a kids movie to dissuade you).


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